Your Ferrari is a complex, high-performance automobile manufactured to the highest mechanical standards. It is built using state-of-the art materials and a combination of the most sophisticated manufacturing techniques in the world and a large degree of hand-craftsmanship. It was built with extreme care and precision, and you have made a considerable investment to acquire one. As with any investment, peace of mind is important, and Ferrari Power Warranty offer Ferrari owners peace of mind in knowing that their investment is protected against unforeseen repair costs. The standard Ferrari new car warranty is 3-Years/Unlimited mileage. The new Ferrari Power Warranty program offers the opportunity to continue your Ferrari warranty coverage, year by year, up to your car's 12th year.



The New Power program offers numerous advantages:

• the possibility of extending coverage for your car up to its 12th year;

• replacement of spare parts and repair work covered by New Power program;

• all work is carried out by an Authorized Ferrari Dealer by highly specialized technicians trained by Ferrari;

• helps maintain the residual value of the vehicle over time;

• coverage will continue to be valid even after sale of the vehicle to a new owner, provided that the vehicle itself meets the quality requisites specified by Ferrari;

• the roadside assistance service (in countries where available) will be close at hand whenever you need it.




• the vehicle must be inspected by an Authorized Ferrari Dealer to certify compliance with the quality requisites specified by Ferrari and verify its service history: services, routine and special maintenance;

• vehicle mileage must not exceed 56,000 mi (90,000 km);

• the vehicle must not have been involved in a serious accident, been tampered with, been stolen or taken part in competitions or races;

• the vehicle must not have been used for commercial purposes, including, but not limited to, long or short term rental by a car rental company.


Subscribing to the New Power program is easy.

Our Service Advisors will be happy to explain the program application process to you.




Extended Coverage Plus


The first important step towards taking even greater care of your Ferrari.

Ferrari offers you the chance to extend the coverage period by a further 12 or 24 months once the manufacturer's warranty expires.

The 4th year Extended Coverage Plus or 4th + 5th year Extended Coverage Plus may be purchased at the time of purchasing the vehicle and/or When the manufacturer's warranty is due to expire, 60 days before and no more than 30 days after the

expiration date.

The 4th year Extended Coverage Plus and 4th + 5th year Extended Coverage Plus offer the same advantages and coverage as the manufacturer's warranty.



To bring the coverage up to 12 years.


New Power is the Ferrari extended coverage program specifically for vehicles that have exceeded the coverage period of the original manufacturer's warranty.

The New Power program covers the following components:


• engine

• transmission

• suspension

• steering

• electrical system