Each year the Club holds an international meet in a different location in the United States or Canada. The Annual International Meet attracts 600 to 800 participants and approximately 250 to 300 Ferrari cars. We enthusiastically invite you and your family to join us in Monterey, August 16th through the 19th, 2015 for this magnificent event.

The 2015 Ferrari Club of America is for members of the FCA, and affiliated Ferrari Clubs world wide.  If you are not a member, and would like to join the club, please go to the FCA Website at: //www.ferrariclubofamerica.org/ and then join the Club Page.

The 2015 Ferrari Club of America International Annual Meet, hosted by the FCA Pacific Region will be a memorable event, taking us to the Hyatt Regency Hotel and Spa in Monterey, the Nicklaus Club and the Laguna Seca Raceway  for an elegant and exciting celebration.

The Meet will include:

  • The internationally recognized FCA Field and Driving Concours d'Elegance,
  •  A time-distance road rally through the spectacular Pebble Beach/Monterey area,
  •  A scenic pleasure drive,
  • Two days of racetrack activities at Laguna Seca,
  • A car control clinic,
  • Touring laps at Laguna Seca
  • A vendor market (Mercato di Ferrari),
  • Seminars, receptions, charity auction, and
  • Gala Banquet with major award presentations.

The theme for this year's Meet is "Honoring Pebble Beach Racers" where we pay special tribute to the Ferrari cars that competed in the inaugural Pebble Beach Road Races of the 1950s. Many of these historic cars will be featured at the 2015 Pebble Beach Concours.

We are excited to provide the ultimate track experience during the 2015 International Meet at the world famous Laguna Seca Raceway on the Monterey Peninsula in Northern California. The area can trace its true race roots back to the inaugural running of the Pebble Beach Road Races in 1950. The sports cars that ran in these early events are the theme of this year's International meet. We are excited that the Ferraris built and raced in that era will also be a featured marque at Pebble Beach in 2015 and we are looking forward to their participation in our track venue which promises to provide a most exciting and rewarding driving experience for all of our FCA members! Read more about Laguna Seca's unique history and features.