Ferrari 458 Italia

The Ferrari 458 is a mid-engine sports car produced by the Italian sports car manufacturer Ferrari. The 458 replaced the Ferrari F430, and was first officially unveiled at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show.

The Ferrari 458 Italia continues the classic Maranello 8-cylinder tradition that produced the likes of the 158 F1 in 1964, the Ferrari 308 GTB in 1975 and the F40 in 1987. However, at the same time it also brims with unique innovations, thus combining both history and progress. Also known by its project code of F142, the car retains the unique characteristics that make any Ferrari instantly recognizable yet offers something never seen before.

At the time, this is was completely new car from every point of view: engine, gearbox, chassis, suspensions, electronic controls, aerodynamics, design, instrumentation and ergonomics. With exceptional fuel consumption and emissions levels, given the 570 CV it punches out. This 8-cylinder lays the foundations for the Ferraris of the future, yet is still very much in touch with its roots. The 458 Italia in fact continues the long and honorable tradition of every Ferrari guaranteeing unique driving pleasure as well as presenting a plethora of technological firsts, derived directly on the track, the most extreme test bench of all. It is the fruit of the advanced research laboratory that is Formula 1 and which has always allowed Ferrari, both as a racing team and a constructor of sports cars, to push the boundaries of technology, innovation after innovation.

The 458 Italia is actually designed around the driver's body so as to become a natural extension of it, thanks to a perfect human-machine interface with controls ergonomically laid out to instantly respond to his commands and ensure complete concentration when at the wheel.

The 458 Italia is a two-seater berlinetta with a mid-rear mounted V8 engine, a configuration for which Ferrari is well renowned. Designed to fulfill the expectations and ambitions of our sportiest clients and closely tied to the marque's tradition, it is powerful, light and compact, designed for frequent use on the track where it is, of course, at its finest.

The 458 Italia's engine is a 90 degree V8 with a displacement of 4,499 cm3 , mounted in a mid-rear position. Its entirely new concept architecture was designed with the aim of delivering a maximum of 9,000 rpm, an unheard of achievement for a road car, a compression ratio of 12.5:1, and a maximum power output of 570 CV. This translates into extreme sportiness, great fun and superb driving pleasure. Other distinctive structural features of the new V8 are its dry sump lubrication and flat-plane crankshaft with a 180° angle between the throws. Unlike wet sump lubrication in which the oil is stored in the crankcase pan, dry sump lubrication systems use hydraulic pumps to draw the oil out of a separate oil reservoir and then spray it at high pressure onto the various engine components, bearings, pistons and gears. When the oil runs back into the sump, it is pumped back to the oil tank by a scavenge pump via dedicated oil recovery ducts.

This solution prevents excess oil splashing out of the sump and onto the rotating crankshaft and thus reduces power loss caused by friction. The flat crankshaft with 180° degrees between its throws is typical of racing car engineering and has since long been adopted by Ferrari because of its lower mass and inertia and because the even firing order between banks allows an optimal exhaust manifold design. The use of radically innovative machining and engine component manufacturing processes has resulted in a specific power output of 127 CV/l, another first for a car of this kind. At both high and medium revs, the 458 Italia's torque figures exceed those of the F430 by up to 20 per cent, in fact.

To optimize efficiency, the 458 Italia was designed with the dual objective of providing its driver with the complete feedback typical of a Ferrari V8 engine, whilst also guaranteeing high levels of acoustic comfort. The silencers are equipped with by-pass valves that come into play when maximum performance is summoned. At lower revs, or on partial throttle, the exhaust gases exit through a second pair of smaller diameter tubes which are Siamese together in the center. The result is that the 458 Italia's engine sound is not exaggerated when idling but full and rich when the engine is called upon by its driver.

One of the 458 Italia's most significant technological innovations is its dual-clutch gearbox which contemporaneously boosts performance and ride comfort. Mounted longitudinally and to the rear, it is a seven-speed electrohydraulic gearbox without torque converter.