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Ferrari: Unveil the Adrenaline with a new Ferrari


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The Adrenaline Medula is the area of the brain from which adrenaline flows. That fight or flight hormone that is involved in getting you to safety - or defending your life and honor - when faced with mortal danger, adrenaline also is released as a "rush" or "high" you feel when doing something that is thrilling. Like driving a Ferrari.

There's no reason, other than an interest in human biology, perhaps, why you should need to hear about adrenaline from us. However, we are here to remind you that if you aren't already driving a Ferrari, getting behind the wheel of one sometime soon may just add the kind of excitement you've been looking for to amp up your life!

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Don't believe us about how exciting driving a new Ferrari can be? Contact us online or call us at (415) 380-9700 today! We're happy to assist you in finding your perfect new Ferrari in or around San Francisco!