An exclusive Ferrari program for aspiring owners seeking a specific style, fit and finish, the Ferrari Tailor Made program ensures drivers receive a unique, one-of-a-kind model customized to fit an individual sense of style. Conceptualized by Maranello in the 1950s, the Ferrari Tailor-Made ethos strives to ensure every car specifically suites the owner - from style to materials, every Ferrari masterpiece crafted adheres to strict standards of craftsmanship. When seeking a custom interior configuration of a Ferrari 488 Pista, Ferrari GTC4Lusso or any other available model, contact Ferrari of San Francisco regarding the Ferrari Tailor-Made program.

Plush, Premium Materials

With an unlimited selection of color shades, materials and workmanship, Ferrari Tailor-Made allows for everything from a bold blue Alcantara® to a sleek cabernet red leather for your interior upholstery. Wither collecting or seeking the ideal configuration of your Ferrari model, the Ferrari Tailor-Made program allows for complete personalization of your model. Offering three unique interior collections to provide an exclusive degree of Ferrari-inspired luxury, drivers receive an ideal embodiment of Ferrari's design ethos through the Scuderia, Classica and Inedita options.

The Scuderia collection evokes Ferrari's rich racing heritage through its utilization of unique materials and finishes reminiscent of iconic models. Classica incorporates Ferrari's GT influence with sleek, minimalist contrast and bold chrome elements, while the Inedita style pushes the boundaries with brightly colored leather and new, innovative materials.

Ferrari of San Francisco: Configure Your Ideal Ferrari

To discover available Ferrari configuration options, stop by Ferrari of San Francisco to speak with a sales professional regarding the Ferrari Tailor-Made program. With optional configurations available on numerous new models, aspiring Ferrari owners receive their preferred degree of style and comfort. Stop by Ferrari of San Francisco to discover our selection of new Ferrari models, or give us a call prior to your arrival to schedule a consultation regarding your preferred Ferrari configuration!