Ferrari Engineering: The Ferrari 488 GTB's Formula 1-Inspired Evolution

The Ferrari name remains synonymous with racing itself after having remained atop various circuits for decades. While Ferrari models are renowned for their luxurious, impeccable interior styling, inspired by ergonomic Italian designs and upholstered utilizing the finest materials available, Ferrari vehicles most notably offer their drivers performance capabilities unimaginable by those without prior experience. Undoubtedly an exemplary model attesting to impeccable Ferrari craftsmanship, the 488 GTB comes equipped with Formula 1-inspired mechanisms and technologies to deliver performance capabilities akin to the supercars surging down race tracks worldwide.

The "E-Diff": Electronic Differential vs. All-Wheel Drive

Most vehicles feature a differential - a mechanism used to divert engine power to individual wheels (when fitted on axle shafts), between the front and rear sets of wheels, or both. This mechanism allows wheels to turn at different rates for efficient cornering. However, high-performance sports cars produce such immense quantities of power that an "open differential" could cause one wheel to lose traction and begin to spin. "Limited slip" differentials mitigate this issue, but do not offer the impeccable precision of other systems. While competing brands opted for all-wheel drive systems, Ferrari recognized that implementing such a system would add significantly more weight to the vehicle (up to 180 pounds), and potentially cause understeer.

Ferrari's "E-Diff", or electronic differential, utilizes an array of highly advanced sensors to transfer torque efficiently between the wheels that require power most - resulting in smooth yet fast cornering capabilities, and impeccable handling. By adapting to various environmental and driver-indicated inputs, the E-Diff works in seamless conjunction with various other performance enhancing systems within the 488 GTB (such as active dampers and F1-Track vehicle controls) to deliver the utmost performance for its driver.

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